The US elections (and their aftermath), covered as we do African elections

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Had to be done (actually surprised it hasn’t already): Writing about the latest US elections like US media writes about African countries. **COUNTRY CRISIS WATCH** [insert CNN “breaking news” type of jingle] The US of A, a nation located in the center of the North…

Heimweh vs. Fernweh

German is a very poetic language. Before you fall off your chair from laughing too hard, hear me out. German has its own kind of poetry, and it’s not the kind that relies on simple tricks like being melodic or pleasant to the ears. We’ll leave that to the languages that consist mainly of vowels, … More Heimweh vs. Fernweh


Each place in the world has its own perfume. A bouquet of different notes, drifting around in the air. Sometimes, those notes will change completely from on step to the next, but they will always be distinctive of that very place.