What Am I Missing?

I have been in Kenya for exactly four weeks now. After a month of living here, there’s many things I have come to love. There’s the friendly people, the good weather (apart from the annoying rain), and the incredible nature I am surrounded by.

But of course there are also things I miss.

I miss being able to be outside after dark. In Nairobi, you’re advised to take a cab from door to door if you have to get somewhere at night. The sun sets around 6.30 pm, so there’s not much time for a nice leisurely stroll after work. I miss walking around Berlin with the lights and buzz of the city all around me.

I miss the food. Not necessarily German food, but there is nothing that beats the diversity, prices and quality of Berlin street food. Just getting a 2.50€ falafel sandwich on your way home, a croissant from the bakery on the corner, or some amazing affordable Sushi takeout. Yummy.

I even miss the BVG. I know taking an overcrowded train to work on a monday morning just to have some drunk English tourist puke between your feet makes you want to curse the BVG management and their children and their children’s children. But have you ever tried living in a 3.5 million inhabitant city without proper public transportation? The traffic here will make you yearn for a nice S-Bahn ride, puke or no puke.

But first and foremost, I am missing my friends and family. I’m missing out on deep conversations and witty chats; amazing parties, first days at new jobs and moves to new flats; new tattoos and growing baby bellies; boredom, tears and laughter back in Germany. Social media show me parts of what I’m missing everyday, albeit on a very superficial level.

Spidey_MemeMy dreams have been very vivid here, especially during my first week. I dream of people having life altering revelations, breaking up with their significant others or becoming pregnant. That’s probably my brain signalling my FOMO about everything that’s going on back home.

So, if you have life altering news, or if you just want to chat: Get in touch with me, people!


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