Let’s Go to the Mara!

Last weekend, I took a trip to the Maasai Mara. Our safari van was pretty crowded with me, the driver, five Kenyans, one Finnish filmmaker, and a big old French fellow. The latter almost never spoke in full sentences, sometimes only single words. To make up for it, he repeated everything twice. “Elephant, elephant! Buffalo, buffalo! Zebra, zebra!” And for some reason, every time we drove over water: “Crocodile, crocodile!” Seriously, it was like sitting next to a 120 kg toddler for several hours. He really grew on me, though.

So what else happened on this safari? See for yourself!

Here are some facts about the animals we saw, as told by our driver:

  • Giraffes are practically mute, because they have underdeveloped vocal chords
  • Nile crocodiles are huge, they grow three to four meters long and can weigh up to a tonne
  • When god created the animals, he had some leftovers: the horns of a buffalo, face of a topi, legs of a gazelle, mane of a lion, back of a warthog, and the tail of a horse. So, he created the wildebeest. (OK, not technically a fact, but still interesting, right?)

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